Day 3 – Volcano Flat

Le Tour de Zwift Week 1 / Day 3 / 

Watopia Volcano Flat



Day 3 –  23 miles / 54.5km

(TT  NOT Bike allowed)

Day 3 – Ride around the Volcano Flat –  23miles / km ride

* Add Le TourW1D3 after your name

* Start will be at login location, race will start as soon as you start pedaling

* Select course

* Power up are allowed

* Please avoid drafting during the Time Trail

* No bike switching during the race

(3 laps around the Watopia Volcano Flat Course)

* Kit – wear whatever jersey you like

* You must take at least one screenshot during the race

*Participants must be part of our strava club 

*Renamed strava ride to Le Tour de Zwift W1D3


Watopia Flat Course

Distance 34 miles / 54.5km

Elevation gain 1000ft / 304.8m


Read more about the –> Watopia Flat Course