Learn more about Le Tour de Zwift

Le Tour de Zwift is a virtual race around the Watopia and Richmond course on Zwift island, participants would race whenever they can, instead of having to race at an specific time, giving everyone a chance to participate, regardless of their real life schedule.


How it works?

Complete the stages for each week, they are between 2 – 3 rides per week.
You can ride the courses whenever you can.
Submit your ride to our strava group.
You will give you thumbs up via Strava when your ride has been accepted.

Which are the Stages for each week?

We have created 2- 3 courses for each of the 3 weeks of Le Tour de Zwift, please visit our Route page to learn more about each course.

Do I need to register?

Yes! Registration closes the day Le Tour de Zwift starts.

How do I submit my ride?

Via our strava club which is by invitation only. You must register to Le Tour de Zwift to be invited to our club.

When do I have to submit my ride?

By the end of the week the 2-3 stages must be submitted.

What if I forget to ride a stage by the end of the week?

You will be disqualified from the race.
Your end result will show a DQ

Are there any prizes?